Waterworks Wednesday: Industrial Eden – Exploring the Legacy of Haywardville

An evening with architectural historian Ryan D. Hayward

May 3, 2017

The Middlesex Fells Reservation is one of Metropolitan Boston’s most beautiful and treasured parks. Its natural landscape is well known and celebrated but, did you know it once had a more industrial past? Join architectural historian Ryan D. Hayward, President of the Preservation Collaborative, Inc.,  for an virtual jaunt through Haywardville. Once the economic heart of Stoneham, Massachusetts, this neighborhood was a thriving mill village on Spot Pond Brook and home to a collection of mills. Behind these businesses were entrepreneurs, inventors, workers, and preservationists. Here, they discovered vulcanized rubber and crafted the nation’s first public reservation. Now vanished, the legacy of the community remains imbedded in the natural beauty of this quiet and tranquil place.